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Hobbyists who take proper care of their aquariums will rarely encounter sick fish but there is no guarantee that you will never have to treat your fish for a disease. WaterLife Haloex-Tap Water Safe

Almost all health problems can be avoided by maintaining proper water chemistry and pristine water quality, feeding a varied diet of high-quality fish foods, and

providing fish with an optimum habitat and suitable tank mates. Knowing how to prevent diseases as well as being able to recognize and treat problems

before they become unmanageable will ensure years of success and enjoyment with your aquarium. Keep reading to learn how to keep your fish healthy,

spot problems early and treat common fish diseases.

WaterLife Haloex-Tap Water Safe

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Virtually all fish diseases can be traced to stress, which weakens their immune systems.  Sources of stress include shipping, poor water quality, improper

water chemistry, inadequate filtration, improper diet, overcrowding, leaving the light on 24/7, injuries, aggression from other fish and inadequate habitat.

To keep your fish in optimum health, perform regular partial water changes, be diligent about filter maintenance, feed them a varied high-quality diet,

don’t overstock your aquarium, and put the light on a timer to simulate a normal day/night cycle. When performing water changes, always treat tap

water with a conditioner before adding it to your aquarium.

Never purchase fish that have just arrived at your local aquarium store. New arrivals are usually stressed and moving them again will only stress them

further. Let them settle in for a week or more before purchasing. Take new purchases straight home and acclimate them to your aquarium’s pH and

temperature for at least 30 minutes, spending extra time with sensitive species or if the store’s water chemistry is significantly different from yours.

Make sure there is plenty of cover for all your fish and rearrange decorations if necessary to deter established territorial fish from harassing new arrivals


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