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Handfeeding baby birds is only a substitute for parentraising birds, but it does have certain advantages. Padovan Stix Tropical Cocorite and Exotic 80g

Hand-raised baby birds usually make better pets, as they have been completely socialized with humans.

Hand-raised babies grow up with less fear of humans or other potential dangers such as cats, dogs and young children. 

Handfeeding is a huge responsibility and requires time, patience, and commitment. 

Hand-fed baby birds are entirely reliant on you for everything. Handfeeding is a job best left for the experienced bird breeder or aviculturist

If you’re considering hand-feeding a baby bird, you should contact your local bird breeder or veterinarian for help. This handout is designed to provide some basic guidelines on how to hand-feed.

Padovan Stix Tropical Cocorite and Exotic 80g

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There are numerous commercially available hand-feeding formulas for baby birds.

You should choose one formula and use it until the baby is weaned. Changes in diet may be stressful on the baby’s digestion. 

Be sure to discuss dietary choices with your veterinarianan experienced bird breeder, or an aviculturist. 

The amount and frequency of feeding depends on the age of the bird and the formula fed.

The frequency of feeding for young birds is greater than that of older birds. The following are general guidelines. With newly hatched chicks, the yolk sac is the source of nutrients for the first 12-24 hours post-hatching. Chicks less than one week old should be fed 6-10 times per day (every 2-3 hours).

During the first week of life, some birds benefit from feeding during the night.

Chicks that have not yet opened their eyes may take 5-6 feedings per day (every 3-4 hours).

Once birds’ eyes open, they can have 3-5 feedings (one every 5 hours). As their feathers start to grow in, they may be fed 2-3 times per day (every 6 hours). Their crops should appear full when they’re done.


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