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Training Pads can be a useful aid for training, especially at the stage in your puppy’s life when they need to go frequently

Maintenance and cleanup are as simple as tossing the previous pad and laying down another. Versatility is a plus as well:

you can use pads part- or full-time to fit your pup’s needs and your lifestyle PADOVAN PUPPY TRAINING PADS 40 PC 60X60 CM


What Are The Benefits Of A Successful Potty Training?

Potty training success can save you time, money, and energy. Not only is it likely that your puppy will be more comfortable when he’s done his business outside, but he’ll also be healthier for it after successful potty training.

Additionally, potty-trained dogs tend to have fewer health problems such as urinary tract infections and

constipation than those who aren’t trained properly. Potty training success is also good for you as puppy

parents and for your dog’s mental health. It gives them something to do with you to bond together,

and it sets up a routine that makes life easier for both of you.

When Should I Start Potty Training A Puppy?

You should start your puppy’s potty training as soon as you get young puppies. The earlier your puppy starts,

the quicker your puppy will be trained. Puppies can be potty-trained from 12 to 16 weeks old,

but a young puppy learns faster than adult dogs, and most young puppies are ready for full housebreaking by eight weeks of age.

If you’ve adopted an older dog, don’t worry, it’s still possible to train them.

Although your dog’s potty training may take some time and effort, with consistency and patience, an older dog can become fully potty-trained just like a puppy can be.

  • Quilted absorbent pads for dogs Absorbent pads are just what s needed for the hygiene of dogs living indoors
  • even for training pups when going on journeys staying in hotels on boats
  • even in the pet carrier The inner layer of the mat is highly absorbent It has added polymers to capture the bacteria that cause bad smells
  • The plastic backing is waterproof protecting floors armchairs etc
  • Features Protects Floor Eliminates Odor Antibacterial Protection Super Absorbent Tissue Advanced Layers Leak Proof
  • Plastic Liner Adhesive Strip METHOD OF USE Use it wherever needed making sure the absorbent part is on top Can be fixed to the ground using the handy adhesive strips


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