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Wood pellets are a wise solution for your animal bedding needs because they contain very little moisture. Padovan Alpine Hay 700g

The pellets very absorbent when used as animal bedding. Energy Pellets of America’s high quality animal bedding pellets made a great.

Animal bedding pellets are a great choice over shavings and other substrates. To use animal bedding pellets for small pets,

you’ll need to start with a clean cage, pen or box. You’ll likely want to use the product in pellet form. You won’t need many pellets;

likely only want to place up to an inch in the animal’s habitat. For small pets like hamsters, gerbils and rats, the pellets should be to the animal’s knees.

This means a 40-lb bag of pellets will go a long way in your animal’s habitat.

Padovan Alpine Hay 700g

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You’ll likely find the pellets’ absorbency will increase the depth as the animal uses the habitat. This is because moisture in the air and from the animal’s

waste will expand the pellets. Cleaning  up the habitat is simple: Simply remove soiled and saturated areas. You’ll want to add new pellets to the habitat as

needed. Soiled and saturated pellets can be composted or used to fertilize your garden.

Animal bedding pellets are a great choice for your small animal because it is super absorbent and contains very little dust. This means pellet bedding will

help you keep your pet happy and healthy. Low dust prevents respiratory problems in small pets.

Choosing a wood pellet bedding for your small pet’s habitat is just one part of caring for your animal. Here are a few tips for keeping your animal happy and healthy

Your small animal needs a room. If you have a gerbil or small guinea pig, you might choose a wire container or a 10-gallon aquarium with a mesh cover.

Many small animals love to play, so a wheel is a good idea. Small animals also like to dig, so you’ll want to use a layer of wood pellet bedding up to the animal’s knees.


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