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If you’re looking for the perfect cat carrier, you have a lot of things you’ll need to take into consideration such as size, style, and features. Transportino Gipsy Metal Door

One of the first things to decide, though, is whether a hard carrier or soft carrier will better suit your, and your cat’s needs.

Remember, cat carriers are necessary even for those who may not travel with their cat very often. Chances are, you will take your

cat to the vet at some point, and you will need something to keep your cat contained. Letting your pet wander around the car while

it’s moving can be dangerous.

Transportino Gipsy Metal Door

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Your vet may even require that you transport your cat in a carrier of some kind.

Hard carriers, also known as kennels, are constructed with plastic and are often recommended for car travel rather than air travel.

Below are a few pros and cons of hard cat carriers:


  • First, hard carriers are much easier to clean than soft carriers. If your kitty makes a mess or has an accident,
  • all you need to do is wipe down the inside with a wet cloth. In addition, your cat likely won’t do much damage to the interior
  • of the carrier with its claws.
  • Hard carriers are sturdier than soft carriers. Because they’re heavy-duty, they won’t tip over or get damaged quite as
  • easily as soft carriers might. Plus, if anything falls on it, your cat likely won’t be injured.
  • Last of all, hard carriers tend to also be more secure. Most hard carriers have a metal or plastic door, which is nearly
  • impossible for your cat to open and sneak out of.


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