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Many Pet owners have witnessed their Pet roll in the grass immediately after receiving a bath. Nootie Cucumber Melon Perfume 236ML

Animals do this in an effort to remove the perfume that covers their own scent,

which is an important part of their canine or feline identity. Some Pet and cats are lethargic or won’t eat after a large dose of perfumes,

because it may cause nausea or dull the odor of food and which is very important for appetite stimulation.

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Pet and cats can also have allergic skin reactions to perfumed shampoos, sprays, and lotions. These
can manifest as redness of the skin, itching and biting at the affected area.
Cats are especially sensitive to the respiratory effects of inhaling perfumes. The incidence of feline
allergic airway disease has increased steadily since the 1970s, probably due in large part to the
increased manufacture and use of scented products next .
Not all research has been again focused on the negative side effects of perfumes, however. Aromatherapy
using the ambient odor of lavender and chamomile has been shown to lessen travel-induced anxiety in
Pets and decrease stress in shelter pets. Ambient citrus scents have been used to ease the symptoms
of separation anxiety in cats. HOV is always looking for besides simple and effective ways to help decrease the
stress level of our animals, finally including using aerosolized pheromones for reducing stress and the use of
citrus scent in cleaning products.
Our Pet know our smell, and they love it. New scientific research proves that your fragrance is your Pet’s favorite.

Neuroscientist Gregory Berns and his team at Emory University’s Center for Neuro policy used advanced brain-imaging to demonstrate

Pets recognize scents even when the source isn’t present.

A bath using fresh-smelling Pet soaps works wonders, but it isn’t always convenient. As such, you’re probably wondering, Is it ok to spray perfume on a Pet?


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