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Introducing the Flamingo Cat Grass Seed – a source of essential vitamins and minerals for your feline friend. Cats have a natural instinct to eat vegetables and grasses, but often ingest hairballs from grooming. Cat grass helps stimulate the stomach and prevent hairballs while also providing vital nutrients. This grass seed is easy to grow and maintain, simply add water, keep moist and place in a sunny spot.

The composition of barley, perlite, and vermiculite makes this grass seed a healthy option for cats and even rodents. Keep your feline friend healthy and prevent the ingestion of poisonous plants with Flamingo Cat Grass Seed.

The easy to follow instructions ensure that you can quickly and easily grow your own cat grass in the comfort of your home. So why wait? Get your Flamingo Cat Grass Seed today and give your furry friend the gift of good health!

Cat Grass Seed – Source of vitamins and minerals Cats like eating vegetables and grasses, as they have a natural need for vitamins and minerals. However, cats sometimes get pellets of hair in their stomach as a result of licking their coat clean. The stimulating action of cat grass on the stomach ensures that the ball of hair will be regurgitated. Cat grass is particularly important for housecats in order to prevent them from eating poisonous plants. Fact: Rodents also like Flamingo cat grass. Cut a little grass o each day and give it to your cat. Grow your own cat grass • A must for healthy cats • Helps your cat’s digestive system • Easy to use.

(EN) Instruction manual Lift the lid and add water to the grass seeds. Attention: Do not use too much water, otherwise the seeds will suffocate. Daily wet the seeds, best using a plant nebulizer. Until the germination begins, place the lid loose on the box, then open the plastic box and put it in a sunny place. When the grass is +/- 5cm high, your cat can eat it. Composition: barley, perlite, vermiculite.


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