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Every dog owner knows the struggles of keeping these loveable dirt-magnets clean. Having the right tools in your arsenal can make  Conair Pro Small Pin Brush for Cats

grooming easier on you and your dog. By grooming and bathing your dog at home–or on the go–you can not only strengthen your bond but leave your dog feeling safer

Regular brushing can do wonders for your pets’ coat and overall health. Choose the right brush for your pet based on breed and coat consistently.

Conair Pro Small Pin Brush for Cats

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Choosing the wrong brush can be harmful to your dog causing irritation, brush burn or infection. Many coats, especially heavier coats, may require

different types of brushes to remove hair from different levels of the coat.  Check what brush type is best for your pup. Here’s more about why brushing your dog is important.

Cutting your dog’s nails is both an art and a science. Some dogs are more accepting than others, but any dog can be trained to

tolerate this monthly task with a little persuasion (hint, treats). Cutting the nails often and accurately will cause the quick to shrink, receding back into the nail.

The quick contains blood vessels and nerves. If you knick the quick, it can be painful for your dog. If your dog yelps or you notice any bleeding after trimming the nails,

use these steps to stop the bleeding and reduce the risk of infection. For a dog with clear nails, it’s easy to spot the quick. Black nails are often a bit more challenging.

Choose a nail clipper with stainless steel blades so your pup’s manicure can be as quick and precise as paw-sible.

Don’t settle for a cheap clipper that won’t last. Find a clipper with a powerful motor, especially if your dog has thick fur. As the primary groomer,

find a clipper that is sized correctly for your hand to ensure comfort and precision when it comes time to clip


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