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Cat cleaning wipes help bathe your cat, but they also remove dander, reduce shedding and moisturize skin ARYA WET WIPES ALOE

And if your long haired cat is notorious for getting waste stuck in their fur after using the litter box,

grooming wipes will absolutely come in handy

ARYA WET WIPES ALOE For more Cat Wipes Click Here

Are Cat Wipes Safe?

Cat wipes are generally safe to use when you need to keep your pets clean and odor-free in between baths.

These products are formulated for cats’ skin and should not cause any adverse effects.

Cleaning wipes for cats are also non-toxic and veterinarian-approved,

so you can spot-clean your kitty without giving her a full bath.

However, cats with very sensitive skin should avoid products with artificial fragrances

It is therefore highly recommended to choose wipes that are unscented and made of natural ingredients to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Another important thing to remember is that cat wipes should not be a substitute for a full bath in the event that your feline is suffering from a skin infection or flea infestation.

They should only be used as mini-baths to temporarily remove dirt and debris caught in the fur

  • These cleansing wipes, soaked in a refreshing lotion,

    keep your pet’s coat clean and shiny, while safeguarding the natural pH balance of the skin. In extra-strong fabric

    they release a delicate fragrance of Aloe. Ideal for everyday hygiene after a walk out of doors or in any situation in which you need to clean your dog, cat or puppy without using water.

    Pack: 32 wipes. Size: 30×20 cm


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