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You will need to buy a variety of different equipment and Toys before you are ready to bring your puppy home. All For Paws Fluffer Orange

Below is a list of all the basic items you’ll need to ensure the new addition to your family feels comfortable and welcome.

Your puppy needs a comfortable bed, so be sure to buy one that’s big enough for it to grow into and stretch out in.

There are many different types of bed for your puppy. Most puppies love snuggling into a piece of ‘Vet bed’ or similar.

This is a synthetic simulated sheepskin, which is hygienic, machine washable, totally non-allergenic and relatively resistant to chewing.

It can also help to prevent pressure sores on bigger dogs. Buy two pieces so you use one while washing and drying the other.

All For Paws Fluffer Orange

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You will need separate (non-slip) bowls for food and water. These should be raised up off the floor for tall dogs. Make sure fresh water is always available for your puppy.

Some short-coated or recently clipped dogs can really feel the cold, so they may benefit from wearing a fitted jumper or coat while out walking.

Some long-haired dogs may benefit from protective clothing to keep them clean and dry in winter weather. Make sure it fits properly and is

well-tolerated by your puppy. Never make your puppy wear clothes indoors.

Choose a comfortable collar that is suitable for the breed, size and age of your puppy. Puppies grow rapidly and collars should be checked almost daily for

condition and fit. These should not be so loose that they can slip over your puppy’s head nor so tight that you cannot slip two fingers underneath

It is very important that your puppy has a range of appropriate and interesting toys to play with, otherwise they might chew on your things instead of their own.

Chew toys also provide mental stimulation, help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and allow them to exercise their jaws. Select toys for your puppy carefully

some may be too small and might choke your puppy, while others may splinter.


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