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Wet food is usually the best choice among store-bought products, but cat parents should pay attention to the quality of a particular Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Gravy

item and the feeding frequency for optimal results. A poor-quality wet food or an inconsistent feeding schedule will do more harm than good to your kitty.

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Gravy

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Wet food is not a special meal or an occasional treat. Cats can and should eat wet food every day because it agrees with the feline digestive system better than dry or semi-moist food.

Wild cats hunt and eat bugs, rodents, and small birds. Their bodies are used to processing raw meat, which is high in protein and has almost zero carbs.

With that in mind, most vets recommend feeding only high-quality wet food to cats because of the:

  • Nutritional value—Quality wet food typically contains more animal protein and fewer carbs than dry food. Cats do better when they absorb essential
  • nutrients from whole meat rather than overprocessed dairy, legumes, or animal derivatives, which are often primary protein sources in kibbles
  • Taste—Since wet food usually contains real meat and animal fat, it is tastier to felines than dry food
  • Hygiene—B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) diets may be popular with some cat parents, but the storage and handling of raw food from
  • the human supply chain can cause bacterial contamination, even with strict precaution measures. Wet food is made from cooked meat packed in sterilized cans, so the risk of infection is practically non-existent
  • Hydration—Cats need 50 milliliters of water per kilogram of their body weight. Since wet food contains 70–80% moisture, kitties on daily wet meals don’t
  • suffer from dehydration, consequently avoiding urinary and renal ailments like cystitis, bladder stones, chronic kidney disease, etc.
Wet Pouches

1 Box 12 Pouch's (12×85 Grams), 1 Pouch (85 Grams)


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