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It’s perfectly healthy for cats to eat wet food if they are experiencing constipation or a medical condition that causes them to require medication. Kit Cat Chicken & Salmon 80g

It’s good for kittens because of the high protein content, and it can get a stubborn cat eating again,

Cats can be perfectly healthy eating nothing but dry kibble, and it will help slow the progression of dental disease,

which stands a chance of forcing them to eat wet food later in life.

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Kit Cat Chicken & Salmon 80g

Wet Food PROS

        • One of the primary benefits of feeding your cat wet food is its high moisture content,
        • especially when compared to dry kibble. This increased moisture content can help relieve
        • the symptoms of constipation, and many cats suffer from light dehydration because they usually
        • don’t drink too much water, so wet food can help improve their health. Symptoms of dehydration in cats include loss of energy,
        • panting, sunken eyes, and dry gums. Besides wet food, adding a fountain or two around your home can help convince your cats to drink more water.
        • There is a richer flavor offered by wet food and our cats will almost always choose wet food over dry if given a choice
        • . Their preference for wet food comes in handy for convincing a cat to eat their medication when it’s needed,
        • it can also get cats eating again if they haven’t eaten in a while.
        • The high protein found in many wet foods is due to the fact that it contains plenty of real meat pieces cooked inside the can.
        • Protein is responsible for muscle growth in your cat, and animal proteins contain the important nutrients arginine and taurine,
        • which are vital to your cat’s good health. Many other mammals, including dogs, can create these nutrients
        • cats must ingest them by eating animal proteins.


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