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Duvo Roll – Clean Bone 4pc 15cm is a natural and healthy dog treat that provides a great chewing experience for your furry friend. Made from dried bovine hides, this chewy roll is the perfect snack for dogs who love to chew and can also help keep their teeth clean and strong. The size and shape of the roll make it the perfect toy for dogs to play with and chew on.

The chewing instinct is a natural behavior for dogs and it is important to provide them with safe and healthy chew toys. Chewing helps to clean their teeth and keep their jaws strong, and also helps relieve stress and boredom. The Duvo Roll is made with high-quality materials that are safe for your dog to chew on, ensuring that your furry friend stays happy and healthy.

The Duvo Roll is available in a pack of 4 pieces, each measuring 15cm in length. The size of the roll makes it easy for dogs to carry and play with, and its texture provides a satisfying chewing experience for your dog. The natural flavor of the dried bovine hide will also appeal to your dog’s taste buds, making it a delicious treat that they will love.

Overall, Duvo Roll – Clean Bone 4pc 15cm is the perfect dog treat that satisfies your pet’s chewing instinct while also promoting healthy teeth and gums. It is a great addition to any dog’s diet and will provide them with hours of entertainment and a tasty treat. So, whether you have a young puppy who is teething or an adult dog that loves to chew, the Duvo Roll is a great choice.


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