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Aquariums add a splash of life to every room they occupy. They are popular because they can bring exotic and beautiful Dolphin Activated Carbon Increase Biological Activities Multicolour 300g

wildlife into your home and office in a controlled and peaceful environment. Aquariums are a pleasure to have but if not set up correctly they can become overly expensive.

Every aquarium enthusiast knows that starting off with cycled water is the best way to set your fish up for success. There are many different methods for cycling your water

A quality filter. Your filter is probably the most important tool in your fish tank. Be sure to get one that is the right size for your

tank as a filter that is too strong may disturb your plants and animals while a filter that is too weak may not work as well. Whichever filter you choose, be sure to use Bio Balls as a way to build a natural filtration system as well.

Dolphin Activated Carbon Increase Biological Activities Multicolour 300g

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An Aquarium Heater. A popular misconception is that fish do not need aquarium filters. Most fish require a stable temperature as

fluctuations in heat can make your fish very sick. Keep in mind how the use of an air conditioner or the change in weather could affect the water. Use an aquarium heater to keep temperatures stable and fish healthy.

LED Aquarium Light. Every aquarium needs a high powered light source. This is because your plants need strong UV ray lights to grow.

Even if you don’t have plants in your aquarium it is still a good idea to get a great LED light source as it is healthier for your fish and it will make your aquarium look great.

Automatic Feeder. Some aquarium enthusiasts would suggest skipping a day between feeding your fish, depending on the type of fish

have and the plants in the aquarium. A great way to stay on track is to simply get an automatic fish feeder. They can be digitally set and are especially helpful for when you go out of town or on trips.


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